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Behind the Scenes: Distraction Magazine Cover Shoot

When you realize you want to take pictures for the rest of your life, you figure out pretty quickly that odd hours are just part of the gig. Rolling out of bed two hours before the sun comes up has not yet stopped being confusing (why am I up at 5 am? Go back to sleep. Wait. I think I have something important to do. Oh yeah, my job), and then totally exhilarating – because you suddenly remember those first perfect golden rays will be waiting for you at 7.

Despite a bit of a late start which led to most of the Distraction art staff sitting on a dark Wynwood street with our laptops open for a solid and worrisome 40 minutes, our Pontiac Trans Am rolling on set just after sunrise began one of our best cover shoots to date.

We filmed and photographed and made friends with a neighborhood cat – and Claire did a lot of leaning and lying and becoming one with the car until we got our shot.

…And then we fell asleep in our 11 am classes, because priorities.


Model: Claire Fisher

Styling/HMU: Gabrielle Mottaz

Cover Photographer: Rori Kotch

For Distraction Magazine

_MG_8826 _MG_9066 _MG_9032 _MG_9030 _MG_8984 _MG_8961 _MG_8960 _MG_8958 _MG_8954 _MG_8908 _MG_8895 _MG_8860 _MG_8852 _MG_8827

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