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III Points Wynwood

House music really is not my thing.

But when Distraction offered up press passes for Karli and me to photograph the III Points festival in Wynwood, I couldn’t resist a little venture into something I don’t completely understand. The appeal of III Points is undeniable: for three days, multiple venues throughout Wynwood host musicians, art shows and events to fuse music, art and technology.

We spent most of our time at the Sound Stage at Mana, where DJs JBZ, Fortune Howl, and Spies on Bikes opened for the headliners XXYYXX and DJ Shadow. There was a full bar, a very quirky photo booth, and multiple art installations set up by Twinhaus – one of which I’m fairly certain was some 80s porn on repeat in a van.

There were some great art pieces and very interesting people, but what really caught my attention was the makeup room in the back corner of the venue. It was a small tent I would’ve missed if I hadn’t peeked through the sliver of light coming through the opening curtains, and once inside it was difficult to bring myself to leave. I felt like a Hunger Games tribute watching Capitol-dwellers get ready for a night out. Surgical masks and stark white outfits, colorful hair, wigs, hats, fur, spray paint, silver streamers – so much visual stimulation (and glitter) for such a small space.

When I finally left, Karli and I did some photo boothing (enjoy the fruits of our labor) and people-watching until the headliners came on. I had a hard time getting into the music, but Karli really enjoyed it – and I had a blast photographing the dancing and smoking and jellyfish-umbrella-twirling.

Scan copy

_MG_0614 _MG_0265 _MG_0273 _MG_0274 _MG_0282 _MG_0309 _MG_0321 _MG_0310 _MG_0326 _MG_0337 _MG_0343_MG_0360 _MG_0348 _MG_0351 _MG_0368 _MG_0385 _MG_0409 _MG_0444 _MG_0496 _MG_0531 _MG_0534 _MG_0553 _MG_0585 _MG_0589

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