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Lazy Sunday

Most of Corinne’s previous work is pin-up, so Gabby (the fab stylist I’ve been working with on pretty much every shoot for the past few months) and I decided to push this one a bit and show off the soft, feminine side of sexy. She pulled a few looks for us but this white tee was exactly what I wanted: simple, relaxed, easy – and I brought along my favorite pair of thigh-highs. The suffocating heat in Miami makes everyone over-air-condition their homes, which means we get to bundle up inside and take it all off outside. Caitlyn laughs at me when I slide around the house in them and tells me I look like Pippi Longstocking. I don’t think that’s such a bad thing.

As for the location, I’d been dying to shoot at my friend Geoff’s place on the beach since he has the most beautiful window light and an expanse of space to work with. We ended up not even leaving the bedroom, eating about half of a family-sized box of Cheerios, and lying around chatting about men, life and advertising.

Minus the shoot being on a Saturday, it stayed pretty true to form.

Model: Corinne Nobili

Styling: Gabrielle Mottaz

Hair/Makeup: Anne Grossman

_MG_7731-Edit _MG_7495-Edit _MG_7471-Edit


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