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Little Havana

I did some location scouting for a test shoot this weekend in Little Havana. The shoot has a rebellious, ‘90s grunge feel to it, and Caitlyn (my wonderful roommate) found a bright blue abandoned gas station on Flickr when I so politely flopped on the couch to interrupt her bio studying with my artsy bullshit. Luckily, she loves said artsy bullshit and volunteered to explore with me after class on Thursday. She also happened to be sitting in some beautiful late afternoon light, and my general guidelines to friendship are that if you don’t want to be photographed, sit in bad light at all times.

We parked on Calle Ocho and gave ourselves one hour before sunset. We only made it through a few blocks in that one hour – there was so much that felt perfectly uninterrupted by modernization and we wanted to take it all in. Abandoned buildings I wish I could find my way into (unfortunately they weren’t exactly as isolated as that hospital), couches on driveways, a neighborhood laundromat with an old Pacman machine.

I’m pretty sure we found the gas station we were initially after, and it was not abandoned as I’d hoped, but still absolutely beautiful. And very blue. Which is really what matters.

_MG_9083_MG_9264 _MG_9260 _MG_9253 _MG_9252 _MG_9250 _MG_9241 _MG_9205 _MG_9160 _MG_9151 _MG_9148 _MG_9146 _MG_9145 _MG_9144 _MG_9142 _MG_9139 _MG_9136 _MG_9135 _MG_9131 _MG_9129 _MG_9127 _MG_9125 _MG_9118 _MG_9117 _MG_9112 _MG_9110 _MG_9108

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