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Life is so stagnant here. After spending my summer traveling through new cities, spending a week back in my small hometown (without my own form of transportation) has felt completely against this fast-paced nature I’ve grown to develop.

I’ve been spending all of my time working on my portfolio and beginning my job search for next May, but I took some time off to go to a park I haven’t been to in years with my best friend and my dog.

We sat on the swings after a walk around the lake, through the woods, and past the little league fields, and memories surfaced that haven’t in a long time.

My legs dangling from the bleachers, watching my brother’s little league team. Getting bored of baseball and leaving to play in the trees with other little sisters whose minds also seemed to be elsewhere.

Wandering through the forest, shooting one of my first rolls of 35mm film.

Sitting on a park bench, awkwardly kissing a high school boyfriend for a friend’s attempt at an artsy movie.

Making patterns with my boots in the dirt, from the same swing I now sat in, catching up with a friend over coffee halfway through our freshman year of college. Our minds blown by the fact that we were starting to grow up.

So many former versions of myself had so many small moments in one place, and all of these insignificant vignettes of a younger me held so much significance yesterday. These little snapshots in my mind reminded me of how much has changed in a very short amount of time, and how quickly but purposefully life moves if we let it.

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